Above average

Secured by real estate

Above average Returns

Secured by real estate

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
– Warren Buffett

The Benefits

Freedom from the ups and downs of the stock market
Get your money working hard to outrun inflation
Access to hidden real estate deals

Every person wants the same thing for their money. You want it to grow and be safe.

Obvious, right? It can be scary leaving your financial future in the hands of the stock market. Anything from mutual fund fees to rising inflation can erode your hard-earned money.
Can you have both a sense of security and solid growth? YES.

Put your money to work in real estate opportunities across the country. When your money is secured by real estate and driven a team of professionals, you can achieve above average returns without subjecting your money to whimsical risk.

Leverage the skills of a real estate entrepreneur surrounded by a team of professionals to get involved in investments that most people never see.

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Receive passive, above average returns on your money


How to Create Passive Income in Real Estate … Without Being a Landlord

What’s Included


Access to investment-grade opportunities

Put your money to work in investment deals you normally wouldn’t get a whiff of

Secured by Real Estate

Your investment is protected by real estate in case of the worst-case scenario

Not correlated with the stock market

Break free from the whims of Wall Street

Get better returns on your money

Out-pace inflation with higher returns

Completely Passive

Let your money work harder for YOU


Tax free – if using a retirement account

Invest using your self-directed retirement account and watch it grow tax free

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Meet Paul Riley

Paul is a real estate entrepreneur that uses his network, experience and investment opportunities to put people’s money hard at work for them. By following a thorough due diligence process, Paul ensures that his investors’ capital is not only secure, but performs at a high level. After making six figures in his first year in business, he knew there was an abundance of opportunities available with plenty of room to get others involved.

How to Create Passive Income in Real Estate ... Without Being a Landlord

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